Future Consumer Limited leveraged actionable insights to
achieve a 60% improvement
in forecast accuracy.

Learn why Future Group Limited chose SAP S/4HANA as the foundation for its unique business model – a single food supply organization that does everything from planting seeds in the ground to building grocery stores.

FCL turned to SAP and its partner Cognizant Technology Solutions to optimize its supply chain and accelerate decision-making and innovation. The SAP S/4HANA® Enterprise Management solution has equipped FCL to simplify, automate, and secure business processes, speed up collaboration, and maximize synergies across all lines of business and corporate functions. With mobile analytics, FCL has real-time performance data to minimize time to market and better serve a fast-moving generation of consumers.


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Future Consumer Limited

“Creating value in the consumer products industry is about turning data into actionable insights and foresights. SAP S/4HANA lets us manufacture and stock based on an algorithm-led principle rather than by intuition. With faster, more efficient business processes and a tightly aligned value chain underpinned by real-time data, we are turning agility into competitive advantage and are becoming a new age digital enterprise.”

Viswanath Padmagirison, Head of Business Transformation & Technology, Future Consumer Limited

The majority of Future Consumer Limited (FCL ) procurement was agri-commodity – a sector largely driven by manual capital. The SAP S/4HANA® Enterprise Management solution helps improve efficiency and agility for speeding time to market in the agri-procurement and food business. Capturing digital customer conversations as part of FCL’s digital marketing and customer feedback initiative helps the company accelerate its mind-to-market timeline
for new products. Real-time data enables deeper visibility into the supply chain and more effective responses to the needs of customers while helping reduce operational costs.


28 Brands

Core Brands In More
Than 65 Categories


Food Park

24,000 Outlets

Retail Outlets Across India
Served By FCL
Connected Enterprise

Becoming a Connected Enterprise with SAP S/4HANA®

FCL chose SAP S/4HANA, as the foundation for its unique business model – a single food supply organization that does everything from planting seeds in the ground to building grocery stores. SAP S/4HANA is the backbone of the business, providing for procurement, logistics, production, sales, finance, and more.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Innovate and deliver value-added food products that directly contribute to the food sustainability of India
  • Institutionalize systems and processes that result in sustainable returns for all stakeholders
  • Unify and automate disconnected and inefficient manual processes
  • Achieve market leadership
  • Become a $3 billion organization in 3 years and grow the business tenfold in 5 years

Why SAP Solutions

  • Industry leaders with proven technology and willingness to adapt to develop an approach that addressed FCL’s unique business needs
  • All the functionality needed for a complete business transformation including procurement, logistics, production, sales, and finance

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Increased ability to contribute to India’s food sustainability
  • Achieved more predictable shareholder returns
  • Captured accurate real-time data for faster decision-making and improved time to market
  • Improved forecast accuracy, leading to bigger market share

“We chose SAP S/4HANA with a vision for our future as it enables our business applications to capitalize on the latest digital capabilities, including advanced mobile experience and real-time data analytics, and reveal real-time insights into our business performance and operations.”

Viswanath Padmagirison, Head of Business Transformation & Technology, Future Consumer Limited

9 Months

To implement the solution, achieving a major target of the project

11 Units

Discrete business units acting as one

60% Improvement

Forecast accuracy improvement goal

Future Consumer Limited (FCL) Maharashtra, India

Products and Services
Branding, marketing, and distributing food products and household goods in urban and rural India

US$327 million

SAP® Solutions
SAP S/4HANA®, SAP HANA® software, and SAP Fiori® apps

Road Map
Road Map

SAP Road Map for Retail

Explore how our current, upcoming, and planned innovations help retailers become immersed in consumer lives through trusted experiences, delivered profitably and at scale.

Current release highlights

  • Consistent pricing and offers seamlessly delivered across touchpoints as a global cloud service
  • Transactional data in the cloud for digital customer receipts, retail analytics, and supplier data exchange
  • RFID-enabled stock transfer for store managers
  • Machine learning-supported assortment and option planning and product master data enrichment

Upcoming innovations

  • Headless commerce cloud with microservices extension factory
  • Promotion-driven store allocation and automated store replenishment with cost-optimal ordering
  • Improved demand forecast and assortment planning with real-world data
  • Logistics business networks for partner collaboration, scheduling, and visibility

Future plans

  • Leverage automation, embedded intelligence, and cloud scalability across all retail processes
  • Optimize order fulfilment with networked-distributed order orchestration
  • Integrate retail planning applications in the cloud
  • Embed experience feedback into brand, product, customer experience, and workforce management

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SAP Customer Activity Repository

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